Things we love


Entertainment Units

Why go to the movies when you can create those experiential theatre vibes in your living room with our ‘lit’ entertainment units? Elevate your tv watching experience and create the perfect mood for any time spent indoors.

Single Seaters and Sofas

What can be more welcoming with a burst of energy than a red piece of furniture? A bold red couch injects warmth into a home since it’s a color associated with fire.

Beds and Headboards

Another win for the romantics, stunning head boards with built in lights—set the tone for whatever you want to do and don’t worry about falling asleep with the lights on.

Mosaic Vases

The beautiful contrast in tiles and shades of red against shades of white and grey turned this mosaic vase into a unique idea to ornament the side of any console, entertainment unit or ladder shelf.

Coffee Tables

A new design from our ‘Alex series’. This table is perfect for people who love changing things around. The combination of wooden tabletop and roped legs makes this nesting table visually beautiful and elegant.


Sometimes, that ‘missing’ piece you are looking to add to your space is smaller than you think. These small stools brighten up spaces while adding surfaces to place small bags or baskets… assuming you don’t want it to stand alone.

Drink Tables

If there is a piece of furniture that ‘understands its assignment’ its a drinks table. Big enough to only hold one item at a time, the petite occasional table continues to be a convenient resting spot for drinks.

Dining Chairs

We absolutely love saddle leather which is what makes this dining chair a favourite. It not only boasts in beauty, but in comfort as well. Rich brown distressed leather covers it, creating that perfect rustic western vibe!

Single Coloured Vases

Black is beautiful 😍 Accessories do not have to be smooth and clear to be viewed as artistic, hammered glass features imprints that refract light to catch the eye

Ethniki Table Covers

Table covers made of kente cloth add more of an African flavour to your space, and what can you possibly love more than culture?

Vintage Vases

An essential home accessory that has survived several centuries and is still in style! Theres something about vintage pieces that give us traditional vibes and that is why we love them.

Pearlescent Vases

We love the lustrous, pearlized finishes and subtle ombre effects that give these beautifully glazed vases even more depth and shine.