Quality Coffee (or tea)

For many teams, coffee is the lifeblood that gets them going in the morning, and keeps them productive throughout the day. If you want to create the ultimate coffee station in your staff lunchroom, try adding a coffee machine, mugs, a kettle, tea bags – things that make it easy to get that fix in the morning.

A convenient and healthy snack bar

Creating a snack bar with healthy food items can help give employees the pick-me-up they need on their breaks. Not only is offering free snacks to employees a great workplace perk, but it also can help them stay productive. Try adding snacks like fruits, granola, plantain chips, groundnuts and crackers.

A nice space to work out

Regular exercise has a lot of benefits like lowering stress levels, improving mood, and boosting confidence. But did you know it can also increase productivity

Add some gym equipment to the common space in your office, and you can encourage employees to stay fit on their breaks.

Comfortable Seating

On breaks, some employees like to sit down, while others like to rest their heads. Try to have enough seating for everyone in your office to use the staff break room at the same time.

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